My first taste of Verizon Wireless customer support

A little background to catch you up. Picked up the Xoom mid February. Haven’t been able to register online due to lack of texting ability within the tablet.

Today I finally received my first bill for my Xoom tablet. Not bad, it’s only been two months. As I expected I had a past due amount and a late charge. Up to this point I haven’t called and made a payment as I don’t pay bills unless I see a detailed version either in paper or online (online preferred). So I finally call and after verifying my information via the automated system I informed my service has been suspended and I would be charged a $15 reactivation fee. Good thing I haven’t even used 1GB of data on this thing or I’d have been out of luck. Might also be good to note that on the bill I just received today it stated to avoid service interruption I need to make a payment (thanks for the heads up).

Here is where I pleasantly surprised. I hit 0 to speak to a rep, the standard “we’re all busy” come on, but about 30 second later I’m greeted by a real person. She verifies my info again. I explain my situation. She kills all the fees I had and takes my payment. No crazy questions, no runaround, no bullshit. She connects me to a form of their tech support and they will be sending me a password to register online via snail mail.

Aside from waiting for this password via snail mail it was a good experience. Why can’t Verizon set up their registration process to include tablets? Oh well, so far so good.


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