Seattle Trip/Pax Prime 2012 Cont. – Thursday

No worries. The lack of length in this post will more than make up for the run on mess that was Wednesday of this trip.

Honestly there wasn’t anything of note until the afternoon when I checked into the Paramount Hotel. Not sure how I pulled it off, but I was able to book a room here Monday of this week! Someone must have cancelled their reservation. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I am the guy that doesn’t plan anything and then rushes through everything at the last minute. I didn’t even pack until the night before my flight, which was at 6 am if you interested. Okay, back to Thursday. Found a suitable parking spot for a couple days (I didn’t plan on driving again until Saturday), ImPark #73 looked to be a good choice (much more on them in Friday’s post. I got up to my room and got everything set for an early start Friday morning. If you’ve ever been the Pax before you know if you want to avoid lines and such early you’ll need to stand in line.

After getting my room squared away I got a hold of friends to plan out our meeting place for the Seahawks vs. Raiders game that evening. I haven’t been to a Raiders game or a football game at CenturyLink Field before so I was pretty pumped. Just thought I add this pic in here, seems fitting:

Plan was to meet up about 6 pm. I caught a quick beer with one friend at King Street Bar & Oven. Who knew I could drink a PBR tallboy so fast? Caught up with two more friends I hadn’t seen in forever and headed in. I debated buying tickets for the hawks nest, but wearing Raiders from head to toe it wouldn’t have been safe for me over there. Mind you this was preseason, but the Raiders have seen better days. When Terrelle Pryor is the only one on the field making things happen you’re in bad shape. We (the Raiders if you didn’t know by now) didn’t score until I was on my way out of the game. Oh, here’s a plug for a buddy doing some ridiculous tailgating. If you’re ever at a Hawks game you should check them out. Tell Tony I said hello. Here’s a pic:

After the game I crashed knowing I had to be up quite early. It didn’t help I also had about 5 or 6 in me by the 3rd quarter.

Coming up next….Pax!


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