What have I done!

So I typically buy at least one new PC¬†every year and this year was no exception. Although this year I did what I thought for a while would be the unthinkable, I bought a Mac. I have for years complained to all who would listen that with it’s stupid proprietary adapters and lack of software (games) that appealed to me I would never bring myself to purchase one. I’ve never used Ipods, the Iphone, or any of their products since I was in HS. In my circle of friends and family I’m usually the one who’s consulted on all electronics purchases and I’ve never recommended Apple products to anyone. What have I done!

Now for the reasons why. A couple of months ago I started having some pretty great ideas for a couple of mobile apps and a game which I will share when the time is right. Finally decided to develop them myself just to experience the whole process. I’m an avid Android user, started with the G1 and now have the G2 as well as the new Xoom, but I have zero experience with Apple, obviously. If I’m gonna develop these apps I’ve conjured up I might as well get them out to as many folks as possible and that means both Android and iOS. I know I could’ve done some backwards ass shit and developed the Apple apps on a PC, but that’s not for me. I decided I’m gonna do this the old fashioned way.
So I go into the Apple store nearest me and wander around aimlessly for about 20 minutes looking at everything. Sidenote – Why are there so many fucking unattended children running around this store! I’m pretty sure shock collars were invented for a reason. I finally settle on the new 15-inch Macbook Pro with 2.3 GHz Intel Core I7 processor. Let some girl who seemed pretty disinterested in helping anyone that I wanted it, she paged a specialist for me. A younger gentlemen who I’ll call Austin (it’s his real name, but sounds cool this way doesn’t it?) came over and started talking through everything with me. We both picked up pretty quick that we were both gamers so the conversation was more about MMO’s than anything else. Let me tell you, this guy was awesome. Austin was much more concerned with a positive experience than making a sale. I also picked up Apple Care and some software bringing my total to just over $3,000 dollars. Here’s where the real fun begins. So I have a daily limit set up on my bank card of $3,000 dollars that I had forgotten about so and had done some shopping earlier in the day so it declined my card. I called my bank to let them know it was okay to release funds, oh wait, that takes 24 hrs notice and you’ve gotta go into a branch to do it, fuck. We tried some kind of authorization bullshit that apple system couldn’t recognize, double fuck. I then apologized for wasting his time and said I’d be back after I hit the bank the next day. Went back Friday to make sure I caught Austin while he was working, picked up an Ipod Nano and sweet ass watch band, paid cash. Talked games for a bit during setup. He’d been playing RIFT so much he hadn’t slept in two days. All in all Austin made it a good experience.

Got the thing home and between work and other things (games & beer) I’ve logged about 10 hrs into this thing. With it being so long since I’ve used a Mac I actually read the manual it came with, first one I’ve read for anything in probably a decade! Worked on learning some of the keyboard shortcuts. I love the look and feel of this thing. Right now my only gripe is the lack of USB ports, but you can pick up more if you get the 17-inch model. Anyway, to cut a long story short I’m writing this post on it while uploading my extensive music collection to Itunes and syncing it to everything else I’ve got. So far so good, wish me luck.