Finally Done!

I finally completed watching TNG last week via Netflix streaming. Wow, so many memories from childhood. I grew up watching this show. This was one of the few shows that my whole family could get behind. As the years went one my sister and I became more fans of Voyager and DS9 respectively, but TNG was always my moms favorite. My sister like Voyager for the stronger women’s roles and I always like DS9 for it’s action, particularly the Dominion war.

One thing that stood out immediately for me was differences in special effects and the seasons went on as well as how many of the same actors came back on again and again in different supporting roles.

In the end I ended up wanting to watch DS9 over again. The bad part about that is that as far as I know DS9 won’t be on instant streaming until at least October. I begun watching voyager, but I doubt it will suffice.